Together we build relationships and create partnerships, creating an unbreakable bond together which we strive together to always exceed stakeholder expectations.


The SCland Group was established in 2004. Since then, we have achieved a remarkable reputation for building a portfolio that is impressive in both size and scope. Today, our projects span the Malaysian states of Selangor, Pahang and Sabah, and range from residential developments – encompassing landed properties, gated enclaves, condominiums and serviced apartments – to commercial developments, such as shop-offices, office towers, corporate suites, retail centres and SOHOs. 

At SCland, the promise of exceeding expectations is much more than just talk. Every single one of us that make up this group is fully aligned to this vision. We understand our individual roles and responsibilities, and the importance of functioning seamlessly in delivering exceptional performance. Our efficient size allows us to think and act systemically. We see things as a whole, instead of working in silos.

Vision & Mission


Exceed Expectations


To consistently deliver excellence in performance by always delivering on-time, on-budget, with innovation and with no compromise on quality; and to always carefully balance aesthetics and practicality. In this way we aim to always deliver value to our stakeholders


We are deeply people and relationship centred, rather than just people-oriented. We recognize that they are the only route to sustainable performance. And, we are motivated to achieve excellence rather than just focused on organisational outcomes, vision and purpose.

This simply means we watch ourselves carefully, we do not obsess about systems and processes, and we always act consistently in all our interactions with our customers, our partners and our other stakeholders in order to achieve excellence.Therefore, as our valued customer, you are assured of quality, innovation, and excellent customer service. As employers, we believe in nurturing the individual talents as well as the satisfaction of our team at all levels. And as business associates, we truly believe in building long-term, and mutually rewarding partnerships.